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Shinka Dojo Owensboro is a perfect balance between self-defense and competitive martial arts in Owensboro, Kentucky. We raise our students to be strong, confident, and focused individuals within a nurturing environment. Whether your goal is to protect yourself or exercise more, we ensure you’ll constantly improve. Our lessons revolve around your goals, and we never give up; we overcome adversity to succeed. Join Shinka Dojo Owensboro and experience a modern approach to traditional martial arts.

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Shinka Dojo Owensboro

About Us

Shinka Dojo Owensboro improves students’ well-being through challenging martial arts in a positive environment.

We encourage students and guide them through their training to help them grow not just physically but mentally too. Our dojo takes a unique approach to mixed martial arts instruction. While we teach Japanese MMA, we’re uplifting students and instilling the traditional values and philosophy of traditional martial arts, including discipline and respect.


Owner Zack Stewart first began martial arts training in 1995 and started to teach shortly after 7 years of training. Zack owned and operated another martial arts school in Nashville, Tennessee, for over a decade before moving home and opening Shinka Dojo Owensboro, Kentucky, in November 2023. His goal remains the same as when he first started training: to grow, experience the benefits of martial arts, and provide opportunities for others to grow. Today, Zack does just that to create a longstanding legacy at Shinka Dojo Owensboro.

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Why It's Important

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Our community is made of martial artists who are united by a shared passion and the desire to improve.

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Martial arts challenges your physical and mental strength. This instills resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles.

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We not only build strength at Shinka Dojo Owensboro, but we also build character.

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At Shinka Dojo Owensboro, everyone is welcomed and respected regardless of their skill level, experience, or goals.

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As you continue to succeed on the mat, you’ll discover a newfound confidence.

Martial Arts Programs Offered

Shinka Dojo Owensboro

(traditional style of MMA)

What Is Kudo Japanese MMA?

Kudo is a Japanese mixed martial art that combines Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiujitsu, and Wrestling. Essentially, it’s Western MMA with the discipline and respect of Eastern martial arts.

Little Tigers (5-7):

  • Shinka Dojo’s Little Tigers program builds a foundation for Kudo training, while helping develop their self-confidence, focus and respect.

Kids (8-12):

  • Our Kids Class reinforces the fundamentals of Kudo while introducing more advanced techniques and strategies.

Teens/ Adults (13+):

  • Designed for teens and adults alike, our 13+ class provides a comprehensive Kudo experience aimed to challenge and develop students of all skill levels.

Private Lessons:

  • With one-on-one coaching, you’ll have the instructor’s undivided attention, ensuring that your technique, form, and progress are carefully monitored and guided., private lessons allow you to progress at your own pace.

Free Trial Class

Take the first step towards experiencing the thrill of martial arts firsthand by signing up for our Free Trial Class.

Meet The Instructor

Shinka Dojo Owensboro

Sensei Zack Stewart

Sensei Zack Stewart has been training in the martial arts since 1995 and has been fortunate to train with many top instructors around the US. He holds a black belt in Kudo Daido Juku as well as a 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. A native of Owensboro, Sensei Zack spent 18 years in Nashville, TN running his dojo Traditional Karate Nashville until he and his family relocated to Owensboro where he opened Shinka Dojo. Sensei Zack is the branch chief for Kudo in Kentucky and regularly travels to other dojos to teach a more modern and combative approach to traditional martial arts. The mission of his dojos, and Sensei Zack’s ethos in instructing, is to help people better their lives through proper training in the marital arts.

Current Class Schedule

Stay up to date on class times! Contact us if you have any questions about our classes.

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Shinka Dojo Owensboro is a dojo for all age to learn martial arts and improve fitness. Join us today in the Thatch Shopping Center.

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